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Itfeltwall’s environmentally friendly antibacterial acoustic products are noise absorbing, antibacterial, flame retardant, breathable, heat retaining and robust. With their light weight, easy installation and a wide range of colours at reasonable prices, customers are free to design and decorate a variety of spaces.

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PET acoustic panel

PET acoustic wall panels are made from recycled clean plastic bottles crushed into granules and processed into pellets, which are then drawn into fibres and finally processed into acoustic panels through a purely physical process.

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We have a myriad of colours and product forms for you to choose from to enhance your life while solving your sound troubles.

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The materials made by itfeltwall are excellent at absorbing sound. Innumerable micropores in the ecologically friendly antibacterial acoustic panels collect and reflect sound as it travels through them, releasing the sound energy as heat and producing an instantaneous sound absorption effect.

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The items made by itfeltwall are flame resistant and antimicrobial. American fire protection: ASTM E84 Class A, European fire protection: EN 13501-1 Class B. GB 8624 Class B1.According to tests, our company has antibacterial qualities that are noticeably better than those of comparable items.

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Itfeltwall's products have the advantage of energy saving and environmental protection.Our polyester fibre acoustic foam is made by high technology heat pressing, without any additives and in compliance with formaldehyde emission standards, and can be used safely in kindergartens, early childhood institutions and other places.

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All of Itfeltwall's goods are purchased directly from the company. We specialize in production processing and production as one of the top producers of polyester acoustic materials. Our consumers love the products we've developed, which include 3D wall panels, lamps, screens, chairs, and desk seats. We sell these goods both domestically and abroad to more than 20 nations.

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The old cubicle office structure was not to be carried over into the new offices when Hansa Invest opted to change its entire corporate identification. The process of remodeling, planned by Seel Bobsin Partner under the working title "Mission to Mars," started with the choice of the most suitable colors and materials to bring the current workplace environment to life. 

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For a visual depiction of our selection and inspiration for your upcoming project, check out the colors of our products.

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