Itfeltwall® is separated into normal acoustic panels and fire-rated acoustic panels, and it comes in a total of 52 colors. The regular collection, which comes in 29 colors, is constructed of 100% polyester fiber that has undergone high-tech fusion and is fashioned into the shape of cocoon wool, a brand-new acoustic material that comes in a variety of densities and levels of breathability.

The flame retardant board range is available in 23 colors and meets the fire protection standards of American Fire Protection: ASTM E84 Class A, European Standard Fire Protection: EN 13501-1 Class B and National Standard Fire Protection: GB 8624 Class B1. In terms of anti-bacterial, our products have been tested to be significantly better than similar products.


Our standard size is 9mm*1225mm*2800mm, you can also customize other sizes: 3-25mm, unlimited length; can be pressed in 10mm, 30mm, 60mm stripes or squares, also can be pressed in bamboo pattern.If you would like to see our products, please click on: select the color and custom size of your product after choosing the right one.

Standard acoustic panel

Flame-retardant panel


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With a variety of color combinations, simple splicing, and simple treatment of the corners, the perfect artistic style can be easily reflected.And click here to know more about our catalogs:IFW carving series and IFW 3D series