Itfeltwall eco-friendly sound-absorbing pet litter

Because cats’ activities are more in accordance with the fast-paced lifestyle of contemporary single people, there is an increasing desire for pet companionship as society develops and the number of people living alone rises quickly. Our goods can be installed in any public area to allow pets to play and relax without restriction because they were created to fulfill market needs. Soon, more goods will be available.

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The biggest benefit of this product is its sound-absorbing qualities, which can effectively reduce the sound made by cats during their activities. Additionally, because of its own polyester fiber material, cats can accept their new home more readily. Itfeltwall eco-friendly sound-absorbing pet litter is made from PET polyester fiber acoustic panels, which are sound-absorbing and noise-reducing, anti-bacterial, flame retardant, breathable, thermal insulation, and strong.